For Release
June 02.2023

Unbound Ballistic Solutions Introduces Intruder In A Box™

“The Future of Ballistics Testing”

Baton Rouge, Louisiana – Unbound Ballistic Solutions, a research and design company introduces Intruder in a Box™. The innovator with a team of shooting enthusiasts has transferred years of research and biomechanical testing into shooting for personal defense and specifically what really transpires regarding bullet performance.

The Intruder in a Box™ replicates the anatomical variation in material properties of the intended target. Panels of material simulating skin, muscle, bone, and internal organs are layered in the appropriate order to create a realistic platform for ammunition testing.

Intruder in a Box™ provides an easy to use and repeatable way to evaluate ammunition effectiveness in a physiologically & biomechanically accurate model. No more denim cloth, plywood, wet newspaper, or hotdogs! Intruder in a Box™ will teach effectiveness & enhance the experience for both the professional and the new shooting & personal defense enthusiast. The ability to accurately test and compare ammunition and specific load performance as related to bone, muscle, & internal organs is finally here.

According to Dave Giurintano, CEO; “Being a shooter and hunter for over 30 years, I have always been interested in terminal ballistics. With my experience as a bio-mechanist, I knew there had to be a better way to test ammunition than using homogeneous materials like ballistics gelatin. Our team developed a platform that would allow shooters to evaluate their specific load on an anatomically correct target that gets enough shots in to draw a valid conclusion about how effective their ammo is.”

Intruder in a Box™ delivers a more accurate depiction of how your ammunition reacts in a self-defense situation. The nine shot ballistic testing box delivers precise, efficient & consistent results at an affordable price. The system is repeatable yet offers an infinite number of solutions and reveals the truth about bullet performance. Stable in all temperatures, portable & easy to use and cost effective over ballistic gelatin. Intruder in a Box™ is the unequalled and unique system with a scientific design.

About Unbound Ballistic Solutions:

Unbound Ballistic Solutions is US owned, passionate about creating quality products at a fair value and are vigorous advocates & supporters of STEM. Unbound Ballistic Solutions uses scientific methods to develop systems including this newly launched projectile testing system. The team is committed to supporting education, youth leadership, and law enforcement programs. As the designer the brand is a trusted partner that listens to users about product needs and applications and is open to custom applications for Hunting, Department of Defense, and Law Enforcement.