Unbound Ballistic Solutions is a research and design company located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  Unbound Ballistic Solutions uses scientific methods to develop systems including the projectile testing unit, Intruder in a Box.

Intruder in a Box

The Intruder in a Box replicates the anatomical variation in material properties of the intended target. Panels of material simulating skin, muscle, bone, and internal organs are layered in the appropriate order to create a realistic platform for ammunition testing. Multiple panels (four shot and nine shot models) are arranged in each box for comparing different loads. Ballistic Boxes will be available for different species of game, as well as the Intruder in a Box, developed to test personal defense ammunition.

Unlike ballistics gelatin, the Intruder in a Box is easy to use. Nothing needs to be mixed, calibrated, or stored at specific temperatures. The Intruder in a Box also takes into account the changes in penetration and wound cavity when a projectile interacts with different anatomically accurate simulants.

“Being a shooter and hunter for over 30 years, I’ve always been interested in terminal ballistics. With my experience as a biomechanist, I knew there had to be a better way to test ammunition than using homogeneous materials like ballistics gelatin. Our team developed a platform that would allow shooters to test their specific load on an anatomically correct target that gets enough shots in to draw a valid conclusion about how effective their ammo is.”

Dave Giurintano
CEO of Unbound Ballistic Solutions

Our Pledge

50% of all profits are used to support many educational and charitable causes including STEM, youth leadership, and law enforcement support programs.