How will your round perform in a self-defense scenario? Test your ammunition’s effectiveness with the first affordable ballistics target to simulate skin, muscle, bone, and organs. Each box has nine targets for reliable and repeatable results. Check out the Intruder in a Box in action. The future of ballistics testing is here!

Classic Firearms: Intruder in a Box

Classic Firearms used the Intruder in a Box to find out if shooting through a windshield would make a bullet less lethal. Check out their video below!

Guns America Digest: Intruder in a Box

Brian McCombie from Guns America Digest tested the Intruder in a Box in action and gave the rundown on how it works, his results, and how it stacks up to ballistics gel for ballistics testing in his article, “Intruder in a Box: A Better Way to Test Self-Defense Ammunition?

“IMO, Intruder In a Box has changed the discussion about what self-defense handgun ammo can and can’t do. The Box replicates the human torso, with its different densities, and the bone, tissue and fluid that flex in various ways when impacted by a bullet. My review of this new product from GunsAmerica.”

– Brian McCombie, Guns America Digest